my other associate.

At this point I would like to introduce you to my other associate. He isn’t a terrific shop dog considering every time I use any tool he bolts.  Despite this unfortunate characteristic we are together a lot when I am working because I am usually outside and he doesn’t often pass up an opportunity to chase around the extremely well fed squirrels that are native to Cleveland Heights. His name is Loki, Longkey, The lok ness monster, and my personal favorite Tone-lok.


Thankfully he does not partake in shoes, probably because of the intricate network of baby gates that irritate me to no end. He does however munch on somethings that are not his.


Me being me saved them so I could use parts of them later. I then pulled out my stash of plastic robot parts.


found a suitable bead, and glued those two gray pieces together around the bead. I then striped the yellow cord from the headphones to expose the wires and used it to make a chain. so sci-fi.


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