warrior princess. that’s me.

So I know I may have mentioned that have turned 40. It is really awesome in some ways and super sucky in the bod department. I have to start exercising. I hate the word, the concept, and the time it takes out of my day.  That being said I venture out to try get the max for the minimum on some clothes that hopefully will make me move more.  I also hate spending money, and unfortunately the items that hide and squeeze the most are seriously pricey.  I opt for the less glamorous, tummy tucking, butt lifting  fabulousness and get some 5 dollars leggings from forever 21, you know, because I’m 40.  I pair these with an old tank and I decide the only place I’m gonna “work out” is at home.  Having two people living in the house that need to be dashed about here or there at a moments notice I need to not feel like sausage as I romp about town.

Hey look at that there is stack of fabric that has yet to make it back to the dungeon after a glorious glove making session.


Of course they need to be silkscreened. Do you see why I need so much time in my day?

At this point I would like invite you to meet two more of my friends, Lena and Serge.

IMG_3601 IMG_3599

I trust them. next I cut some fabric and make several attempts before I realize I have pattern that would work great.


The Cleveland Press May 1968.  The woman who saved this, and then subsequently left in her basement for me to find saved two, bless her cause I already ruined one. I could follow it completely but that is not how I roll, and it is too complicated for this self-taught non seamstress. So I adapt it fit my needs.


I made a yogi one too.


I’m gonna make them in every color!!!!! Now I can throw this over my leggings and tank and dash out the door sparing everyone I encounter my “work out” get up.




2 thoughts on “warrior princess. that’s me.

  1. Super cute! I try to fit in a workout whenever I can too. I’ve found that swimming with the kids works great. We spend a lot of time about local pool in the summer, so instead of sitting by supervising I try to get in on the fun 🙂


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