Giving back.

I live in Cleveland. I love Cleveland. Laugh if you wish, but this is a great town. The suburb my brood and I inhabit is called Cleveland Heights.  A community that has been on the sustainability wagon for a long time. You can put a basement full of stuff out on garbage night and most of it will be gone by morning. I have been known to roam the streets on those nights picking as well.  The generosity of the people here is also overwhelming. When I was melting old candles to make new ones I would find boxes of them on my doorstep. Items sometimes change many hands before they reach me, heck my therapist saves crap for me. The other day I received a bundle from one of my aunts friends. A tight little bundle of Cleveland memorabilia in the form of cocktail stirrers. Normally I would have made ten pairs of earrings by the end of the day, but I was touched by the memories the skinny pieces of plastic evoked. So I sorted through and picked the coolest ones and set about giving them back.



Then I scrounged up  a suitable frame, and gave it a light sand. I then shined it up with some Johnson’s paste wax. I figured to secure them I would need to glue and sew.


I glued this sheet of white paper to a scrap of foam core, and glued the stirrers to the white paper then let it dry over night. I like using the school size glue because it is easy to manage, doesn’t get clogged and I can just refill from my monster sized bottle.  When it was dry I threaded a needle with fishing line and made tight tiny loops around the tops and the bottoms while securing it in the back with duct tape.  I inserted a piece of glass with some glazing points ( I could have sworn I took a picture) and put it all together.


I don’t know my aunt’s friend but I hope she likes it.

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