my favorite necklace.

I wore my favorite necklace last night, and as usual it got a lot of attention, so i decided to dig up the photos that explain how I made it.  The story goes like this. I know I have mentioned Zero Landfill before. It is an amazing organization that collects discontinued samples of carpet, tile and all kinds of good stuff from designers and manufacturers, and then invites artists and teachers to harvest it. When the date is announced I begin to get anxious I’ve got my reusable bags, sometimes my wagon if I am thinking clearly, and I wait.  Inevitably there are some not so nice people there, who suck the spirit of the occasion right to the landfill. I ignore them and press on. I have to admit when I saw this little bundle of powder coated awesomeness it was love at first sight.  Imagine me in slow motion with a flurry of scavengers around me moving really fast. That is kind of how it felt.  My little prize dangled by my computer for a long time until it hit me.


They might not look like much to you, but I considered diamonds in the rough.  Sometimes it all falls into place easily and this day was no exception.  I scrounged up these items.

IMG_3514 IMG_3515

it is so simple, I LOVE IT.

IMG_3517 IMG_3516

I took some jump rings off of the chain, poked the button through the existing hole and threaded the ring through. Then I reconnected the chain, added a toggle as a connector and done.I left the stickers on so when people ask I can assure them of my genius, really,  wow, very interesting.


One thought on “my favorite necklace.

  1. I LOVE Zero Landfill. It’s such an amazing event. I’ve volunteered with them for the last two years here in Pittsburgh. So cool to see what someone does with the materials and to know it’s become a favorite.


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