ninja streetfight acid burn

Or at least that’s the story I’m sticking with.  If you have been following along I got waylaid by some strawberries as I plucked their tops off and tossed them in the Vitamix.  What ensued was days of severe pain and oozing blisters. yum.  As a result it seems I will be unable to let the sun shine down on my big boo-boo all summer so that raw layer of fresh skin will not forever be well, gnarly.  I spent a couple days out and about with a bandaged paw and inevitably people asked what happened? I got into a ninja street fight and was taken down by acid throwing monkey. Duh? but seriously what is a girl who loves the beach, and doesn’t like to make people turn away in fright do? ……She makes gloves.   Most of the skills I have acquired over the years I taught myself, and sewing is no exception.  I need to cover part of my thumb all the way up to knuckles of all my digits (my pinky was spared) of my right hand and most of the front.  I used and old fingerless glove as a pattern and winged it.

IMG_3479 IMG_3481 IMG_3480

No the glove didn’t magically turn red. I am a ninja but I am not a magic ninja.


I wore this out today and fit like a glove. Something was just not right. I do like to make fashion statements, but Micheal already did this one so well.   Silk screen time!! another self taught skill, and by far one my absolute favorites.  Some day I will do a post on the complete process start to finish, but today I am in a hurry.

IMG_3482  IMG_3486

So much better, and made them in every color I had on hand.  Now when people see me they can draw their on conclusions.

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