after a few stubbed toes. solution found.

Do you have a child that insists on putting every single doll they have to sleep at night?  Do you have a very creative, intelligent and stubborn child? Does your child like those crazy lalaloopsy dolls with heads like steel? My youngest and my asssociate has all of these traits. After walking in to check on her at night and then leaving cursing under my breath, I knew a solution must be found.


Yes that is her beautiful FLOR carpet that is serving as covers for her babies. This little scene is right in front of her door on this day. She moves it around so I feel like a solider delicately picking their way through a minefield. ( I am not actually comparing myself to a real solider, but it sounds good.)

Down to the bottomless pit I go in search of a solution. I resurface fairly quickly excited.


I have a bunch of these packs because they come in very handy and at our local Habitat for Humanity store there is an seemingly endless supply for 50 cents a pack.   The package should read vent hose, duct work, pipes…… and for whatever Shannon desires.


This I believe is meant for magazines,  whatever.


I hung it from her loft bed and turned into triple bunk bed.  Enough for a whole bunny family on the bottom,  two giant headed lalaloopsys (I have no idea how to spell that word), and a bitty baby. It even swings because I left the ties loose.  She better like it!!!

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