porch done. finally!


The porch is finally finished! torrential rain and leprosy can’t stop me! Ill do a quick before and after run down from earlier posts because I know you are gonna want to go back and see allll the steps.
“sad lamp. now happy”

skeleton  colorlamp

“my children are over lamps”

20130506-231948.jpg 20130506-231956.jpg

“progress” and “dance with me”

IMG_3192 20130518-181208.jpgIMG_3274 IMG_3419

“looking good” and “did I mention I only learn by messing up? and backwards?”

mice IMG_3134 IMG_3137

and done!!!!!!

IMG_3375 IMG_3372 IMG_3390 IMG_3384

come over and have emiglio serve you a drink!



5 thoughts on “porch done. finally!

  1. Looks fantastic Shannon! Hope I can enjoy a glass of wine with you in that beautiful space before we move.


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