I have been waylaid by a mysterious specimen. Not quite sure what it was but it hurts!!!! It feels and looks like molten lava dripped all over my RIGHT hand, why not my left? I will spare you the photos, nasty.  Being unable to be still and watching my blogs views dwindle, I had to do something. Its simple yes, given that my good hand is on fire.  ( I am typing left-handed too. slow going ) The scrap-booking bins have been overflowing, but who wants to do that right now?  It’s almost summer.  What I ask myself am I using the most these days, and what is notoriously difficult to keep organized.  Drill-bits, pointy, heavy and sometimes ridiculously small. So sorry, ice tray no more, now you are this.



The handles are a bit wonky due to my blistery digits, but I like it a lot. Thank you to my husband who knew me well enough to not throw away the metal hinges from our old trash can.  All I had to was drill some holes and struggle those babies in.

hope to get better soon.


4 thoughts on “waylaid

  1. That didn’t work- crazy auto correct—it should have read “Still managed to be productive, lava hand and all!!


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