kitchen, my kitchen!

While the rain and cold continue, and stop my progress on the porch I return my focus back to the kitchen.  In an effort to not completely tear apart any one room at time I have restrained myself to one chunk at a time. Cleveland has a great organization called Zero Landfill. They work with architects and designers to collect old samples that would otherwise go to the landfill.  Then invite artists and teachers to come haul it away and use it.  You can only imagine how much fun this is for me.

This is the ugliness that plagues my kitchen.


I enthusiastically ripped this out.  Using hardy board I cut a piece that size of the missing tile and tiled it using wood grain linoleum samples.


meanwhile, my assistant does a little light reading.

I then fastened the board to the wall using carefully concealed screws, so whenever I get around to doing the counter tops, the tile will pop off and I can put them right back.


Wall #2 coming right up.


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