did I mention I only learn by messing up? and backwards?

I have moved on to more intense part of the porch renovation. I have already completed the new lamp, side tables and made the new throw pillows, like i said backwards. The porch is littered with my creations while I move them around again and again to gain access to some kind of rotting wood.  The second mistake was the first column. I didn’t realize or didn’t investigate the support structure for the porch roof fully.  After blowing 5 dead members of a mouse family that had some point taken up residence in the column into the garden, and then one by one extricating them from my puppy’s mouth (sometimes only tails)



I started chipping away at the wood. There was no support inside this column.  When I removed the wood  I got real close with my crow bar really quickly, and slid some new 2 by 4 ‘s in.  knowing it was supported I sat down to think.  AHA moment and I started in on the other column.


my husband steps out briefly.  Husband “whatcha doing?”

me “jacking this baby up!”

husband “okay, have fun”

me inside my head “good man”


worked like a charm, now onto to the trim.







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