Not ready for the summer… Yet

I know they only cost 3 dollars to replace, I know! I can’t give up on them, they provided so much light for us! Apparently sometimes I go a little to far to keep something from going to the landfill. I can’t help it, I get attached.

I cut off the yucky straw, and scrubbed them clean in my handy kiddie pool.

Then I weeded out the good containers from the bad and rusty, and Replaced a few wicks. I found this giant roll of commercial package strapping at an estate sale (which they willingly gave me pretty much for free)

Then I got my weave on. Now we are ready for the summer!!!


2 thoughts on “Not ready for the summer… Yet

  1. Gurl, you know how to make a crafty friend feel like an underachiever. On a more positive note, you are AMAZING! I love people who don’t give up on things…


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