collection obsession

It is kind of a problem when one member of your family has a collection obsession, but when you all have the same one and it is rocks…well its a real problem.  I already discretely eliminated the “ugly” ones before dragging them up the hill, back to the car, plane, and or boat.  I already filled my garden, all my flower pots and every large glass jar available. If you have been reading my blog you know the obvious answer is I made a pair of lamps.

IMG_0479  IMG_0478

I used old card catalog drawers, the days of google have sealed their fate, and threaded chunks of driftwood which is also abundant at our house.The driftwood acted as little shelves on which to pile the rocks.  I employed two kinds of glue a heavy duty construction glue in between the rocks and hot glue to keep them in place while the other glue dried, and then peeled off the hot glue because it so beautiful.  I topped the whole thing off with letterpress S for me an  A for the hubby, a bead, a heavy metal object, and matching ikea shades from much less interesting lamps.


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