Bathroom before and after (finally!!!!)

This is our little master bathroom. It is not fun to wake up and stumble in here. Gray fiberglass,  gray toilet, cheap white tile I mean come on. I can go with any decade really but this eighties ugliness had to go.


I think the best part was ripping out this and throwing it out my window.


We decided to bring the whole room down to the studs because we needed to add access panels, a sorely needed medicine cabinet, and we had some lovely wiring issues to attend to.


huge recessed medicine cabinet, and wiring for the heated floor (which is awesome)


We then got started on the back wall with white penny tile, sconces and a large mirror laid right in the tile like, um well a big piece of tile.


once the wall was done we tiled the entire floor because we planned to put in a freestanding steam shower (which is awesome) oh and a white toilet.


I reused the storage from the old bathroom, for now.  I will eventually create a new sink/vanity when I get around to making the concrete counter top of my dreams.


I do love the Kartell Componibili round storage modules. They are delightful to the eye, yet not good for bathroom storage.  My combined drive to use only what I have, an ideal to uphold that all things even ordinary should look really cool, and the only way I learn is by messing up….. the medicine cabinet took a long time. My family looked on with slight fear in their eyes as I dragged this huge box up and down the stairs.

cabinetopen cabinetclosed

I think it turned out really cool even though” it feels like someone watching me”


Now for the ambiance. Again my own personal ideals as crazy as they are held up the project.

I wanted to get in my steam shower and turn off the lights and gaze on something, for lack of a better word, awesome.

So I turned these to very narrow and long frames from the same group I made the earring caresser.

I created two collages one male and one female and strung the back with LED fairy lights. I sprayed it acrylic in hopes to protect it from the steam.

spalight2 spalight


this is a picture of the steam shower from the manufacturer because it is really hard to photograph glass.

I almost couldn’t get it together because of the horrific directions, but I managed with my trusty uncle Pete.

so there you have it, I took my nasty gray bathroom and transformed it. oh and learned so much

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