Room fit for a teen

ruby1When I am doing a room in my own house I am only allowed to use what I already have.  I enjoy redecorating the room for sure,  but the challenge of pulling all the elements and supplies from the bottomless basement or from another room is like a life-size puzzle.  I LOVE PUZZLES.  My 13 year old daughter’s room needed a makeover.  Her budding interests and complete obsession with earrings, Pez dispensers, little monsters and being able to dance in her room were the main obstacles.  So, I went digging.  I found the wood in the garage and cut it to size using a table saw so they shelves were uniform length . I created 3 boxes using discarded drawers I found for the sides.  I bored holes through the boxes so they could be staggered on the wall to utilize the most space.  The boxes vary in height because I wanted to work in some pez and monster storage.  Glue, clamped, painted and nailed, I threaded aluminum camping poles through and mounted the whole piece on the wall. (those camping poles were  loved by my family, obviously I had to keep them for 20 years and use them) I wired green lamp, graciously given to me by a friend right through the pole to save space, and added the 5 light (also graciously given to me by a friend at least 10 years ago.) The desk is a half of bi-fold door mounted on the wall with a camp pole leg for support.  I addressed most of her issues, she loves it and has plenty of room to dance. Oh and now I have more room in the bottomless pit to fill YAY!



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