snuggling maggots.

Despite what the teenager might think I do not exist to embarrass her.  I only take advantage of it when it produces such utterances as “they look like snuggling maggots.” My sweet non nature loving almost 14-year-old, thinks my obsession with seed pods is weird.  For her entire life I have been attempting to convince her of the beauty and awesomeness of seeds. Well it hasn’t worked yet.

Today as we were driving along a very busy road I pulled over and told her to jump out and grab three of the gigantic seed pods lying about on the ground.

Her:  MOOOOMMMMMM! do you have any idea how stupid I am gonna look!

Me:  Well then make it fast and make sure they aren’t rotted out.

Her: Mom you are sooo weird!

Innocent bystander:  Yea I was just thinking that those things are crazy weird.

Her: I was talking about my mom.

Me: (laughing hysterically)

When she gets back in the car she is laughing with me.

Her:  But I still think your weird.

Meanwhile, on the rest of the drive home I listen as she tells me of her day.  Pretty much standard day, with a few teacher anecdotes, she had me laughing so hard I almost forgot about my gigantic seed pods. She is still entertaining me as we sit in the driveway so I pull out my seed pod. I am enthralled.

Me: feel it.

Her: ewwwwwe

Me: oh my gosh smell it. It smells so good.

Her: ewwwe no. look at this funny picture.

Me: That’s a good one, send that one to Uncle Will.

Her: I’ll send it to him on one condition.

Me: K

Her: That you never make me smell your snuggling maggots.

Me: It does looks like snuggling maggots.

Her: Oh No mom are you totally gonna blog about this?

Me: Yes dear, yes I am.


LOOK how big they are and lime green.

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One thought on “snuggling maggots.

  1. Osage orange (sp?). I love the way they smell! They do look like snuggling maggots though. The are supposed to keep spiders away- or not. ❤


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